Acting on your values

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If you read my previous two blogs, you know that climbing has taught me some important life lessons.  It taught me to be methodical about planning out my path, but also to be adaptable to the conditions that I have been given.  It also taught me to remember to deal with what life gives me, not what I wish life would be.  A phrase I learned from a climbing friend who served in the special forces “It is what it is.” helps me remember this lesson.

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Why does anybody teach anymore?

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I often ask myself, “Why does anybody get into teaching anymore?”

It’s one of the most stressful professions to enter with little to no thanks at the end of the day.  Some of us say to ourselves “As long as I reach one child then my struggle was worth it.”

I cannot accept that.

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You are the change

An open book with no writing lays open on a desk with a cup of coffee sitting next to it. Pure potential and possibilities await.

Education has and always will be a topic of conversation amongst a civilized population.  It is our battle to pass down knowledge from one generation to the next while preparing our youth for the unknowns of tomorrow.  It is how we provide our children the best chance possible for a happy and meaningful life.  For these reasons, there is much importance placed on the quality of education our youth receive.  

I don’t know if there has ever been a time or place where a population has agreed on the way our youth should be educated.  

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