Freedom to Teach

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Many of us want the freedom to teach how we want.  What would happen if we were all given this freedom?

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Climb to the Top Pt. 1

Climb to the Top Pt. 1

You’ve spent months training and prepping your gear.  Today’s the day.  You leave home and begin your drive.  It’s only 4am.  As you pull up in your car you see your ultimate destination, a 120’ high cliff.  The rays of sunlight are just starting to percolate through the tops of the trees painting a heavenly image on your canvas, the wall.  You understand that just getting to the base of the cliff will require a three hour hike as you carry 50 lbs of gear with you.  That doesn’t worry you though, this is what you trained for.

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Master Complainer

Master Complainer

How often have you walked into the teacher’s lounge and heard complaints about decisions administrators have made?  How many times have you heard teachers complain about government requirements or a lack of parental involvement?  Maybe you even heard teachers complain about too much parental involvement.  

The list of complaints doesn’t end there.

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Spiritual Strength

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Perhaps harder to define and recognize than physical, mental and emotional strength is spiritual strength.  Are you afraid of the unknown, the amorphous or the mystical?  Talking about spirituality is full unknowns and requires courage to face.  This much is true though, either define your spirituality or you have none.

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