Developing a Personal Philosophy of Education


What is the role of a teacher?

Perhaps a better question to ask is…  What is the role of education?

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Climb to the Top Pt. 1

Climb to the Top Pt. 1

You’ve spent months training and prepping your gear.  Today’s the day.  You leave home and begin your drive.  It’s only 4am.  As you pull up in your car you see your ultimate destination, a 120’ high cliff.  The rays of sunlight are just starting to percolate through the tops of the trees painting a heavenly image on your canvas, the wall.  You understand that just getting to the base of the cliff will require a three hour hike as you carry 50 lbs of gear with you.  That doesn’t worry you though, this is what you trained for.

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Stoic Bastard to Empathy Overload

For years I’ve worked on detaching with love in the classroom.  The basic idea of this is to detach from the emotion of a situation so that you can better focus on logical solutions that are best for everyone involved.  Philosophically speaking, it is similar to the approach of a stoic.

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