Education has and always will be a topic of conversation among a civilized population.  It is our battle to pass down knowledge from one generation to the next while preparing our youth for the unknowns of tomorrow.  It is how we provide our children the best chance possible for a happy and meaningful life.  For these reasons, there is much importance placed on the quality of education our youth receive.  

I don’t know if there has ever been a time or place where a population has agreed on the way our youth should be educated.  The only thing we do agree on is that our system is not working.  We need change.  Some suggest spending more money, building more schools, hiring more teachers, bringing in better leaders and having higher accountability standards.  These are all important items to consider but…

It is pointless to, spend more money if we don’t spend it wisely, build more schools if they aren’t ran well, hire more teachers if they aren’t qualified, bring in better leaders if we don’t support them, and raise accountability standards if we don’t base them on facts.

Building a successful education system is the most important and biggest challenge humanity faces.  It is intimidating, frustrating and often infuriating to those who dare take it on. But imagine if our society gets just this one issue right how the world will change?  

So how do we tackle such an immense obstacle?

It starts with you.

Educational Architecture is founded on the belief that real change to our system needs to start with the individual educator.  

We can try changing our standards… again.  We can update our policies….again.  We can spend more money, hire more teachers, build more schools, increase technology etc. etc. etc.  


These all may be part of the solution, but they are not the most important ingredient.

You are.

What we need is a base of highly qualified, fearless educators who are willing to innovate and take the necessary risks to raise the standard of education for all.  

It is through the highly qualified, fearless educator that constructive curriculum changes will emerge, meaningful accountability standards will take root, strong leaders will rise, and wise spending practices will take place.  It is through this teacher that the once unthinkable and unimaginable will become a reality.  And it is through this teacher that our children will have the best chance possible to find meaning and success in their lives.

Our goal at Educational Architecture is to help facilitate in the creation of master educators.  Though we will look at various topics such as educational curriculum, technology and policy, our main focus is on the individual educator becoming a master educator.  As the company grows we hope to provide a complete educational product any educator can utilize to be a master of their craft.