Our Education System is Failing… or is it?


Do you ever see the countless posts about education being a failure and feel depressed?  Does it make you worry about the future of our children?  Does it make you feel powerless?  

Let me stop to ask you this…

Is our education system as broken as we think it is?

How should we measure success in our society?  How should we measure success in schools?  

Our society has tried to measure success in schools through standardized testing.  Most educators say this is a waste of time and money but if we don’t use standardized tests, what method should we use to evaluate our effectiveness in educating youth?

But how we measure success in schools and whether or not we believe schools to be failure are only partially related.

Can you think of a time where our education system wasn’t in a national crisis?

I think it is important to reflect on how much wealth our society has around us despite the fact that we’ve been told most of our lives how terrible our educational system is.

Many of us have food, clothing, shelter, smartphones, a car, etc.  We can afford media entertainment and even eat out multiple times a week.  These are the fruits of an educated society so clearly our educational system has had some success.

The next time we see an article about the failure of our system, we need to have some perspective.

We can always do better and our system might very well be on the decline.

But honestly, would any of us know?  

Do any of us have the means of assessing the success of our entire educational institute outside of a gut emotional feeling?

Before we panic about the failure of our schools, we must find a way to assess success more effectively.

Until then… have some perspective.


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