Illusion of Doing


Lately I’ve been finding myself asking a simple question “What is it I am attempting to accomplish?”

Well… it’s simple on the surface but not so when I start to look within myself for the answers.

I bet many of your are like me.  You have lots of interests, passions and commitments.  You are committed to bettering yourself as well as taking care of friends and family.  

Do you ever find that these different interests, passions and commitments often pull you in so many different directions you don’t accomplish anything?

I know I do.

For the last few years I’ve devoted myself to reading as much as I can on my interests.  I’ve also worked to put my thoughts down in this blog and in books.  But have I committed myself to doing?

Reading and writing are great, but they are useless unless we then take the knowledge gained and apply it towards our end goal.

What is our end goal?  I can’t speak for you but I know mine.  It’s written in the mission statement of Educational Architecture.

“Our mission here at Educational Architecture is to exponentially increase the life giving potential of our education system.”

So I ask myself, “Am I achieving this?”

You may say “Your ideas and values are spreading to other educators who take the lessons written and use them to be master educators in their own classrooms.”  

I do hope that is true but I also know I need to spend time creating physical products.  I need to keep myself in the mix of trial and error so that I can learn and grow.  The longer I read and write without physically doing in the classroom, the more “theoretical” all of my ideas become.  

My ideas slowly become detached from reality.  

Ever sit through a professional development where you’ve asked yourself “Has this presenter ever taught before?  There is no way that will work in the classroom.”  The less time I spend creating and doing in the classroom, the more I become that type of presenter.

For me, it is not enough to be a theoretical thought leader, I want to be a realistic action leader.

I’m going to continue reading and writing.  I’m going to continue attempting to get the word out about lessons and values I feel educators can benefit from but most importantly, I’m going to take more time putting my ideas into practice.

I encourage you to self reflect.  Do you find yourself getting caught up in the “talk” of change and fixing things?  If so, I challenge you to take your thoughts and put them into action.  Be an action leader, not just a thought leader.


One thought on “Illusion of Doing

  1. I feel like what I need to accomplish for my students is sabotaged by my district, state and feds. Education was my passion. I am saddened by what has become of our profession.


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