Stoic Bastard to Empathy Overload

For years I’ve worked on detaching with love in the classroom.  The basic idea of this is to detach from the emotion of a situation so that you can better focus on logical solutions that are best for everyone involved.  Philosophically speaking, it is similar to the approach of a stoic.

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Professional Development

An open book with no writing lays open on a desk with a cup of coffee sitting next to it. Pure potential and possibilities await.


During that first week back to school before students show up, teachers have learned to expect a few things.

  1. Our classroom may not be ready for the school year when we arrive.  We may not even have a classroom.
  2. The curriculum has been completely revamped again.  Which means time for new lessons again.  “Are we using the 5E model, See Do Talk Transfer or some other scheme this year?  Wait… there’s a 7E MODEL?”
  3. We will have a series of mandatory trainings about an array of topics.  Few of which will actually develop us professionally.
  4. There will not nearly be enough time to actually set up our classrooms and do our lessons for the upcoming school year.

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